Donnerstag, 11. August 2011

GTA IV ... San Andreas?!

No it's not GTA V, the old GTA San Andreas map has been converted to GTA IV!
Although it's still in beta and buggy, it looks quite awesome. 
For more information about the mod check out the developer site:

At the moment i'm working on another car pack especially for the San Andreas mod.
It will feature more convertibles than the other car packs :P 
Any suggestions? Leave a comment below.

Check out the video, my Real Car Mod Pack combined with the San Andreas mod.


  1. it mod is to gta 4 or gta san andreas??

  2. ai mano vai abrir o link para downlaod quando ??
    quando abrir por favo min enforme no meu email

  3. could you upload the entire game on the internet.
    I do not know why I can not install the game,every time I try I get an error.
    please upload the entire game somewhere and put a download link

  4. if i want to instal BETA 2 what i must download?:)please answer !!

  5. Hi all ,

    It doesn't work man...

    I got this error message after installing your pack. I got Ice 2.0, and so , I took your versions Without Enb. I'm in

    After cancelling the error message, the game is launching , and I got the cars. Ok , but still the error message. And nobody fuckin' knows where's the problem at...

    The scripthook is not the good one ?