Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011

GTA V has been announced!

Good news for everyone waiting for the next GTA: Rockstar Games have officially announced GTA V.  A first trailer can be seen on 02.11.11, so stay tuned!
Rumours says, that GTA V will be set in L.A. It is also said, that there will be multiple characters to play. (source: Grand Theft Auto V Will Be Set in Los Angeles, May Star Multiple Characters)


Here is the official trailer.


  1. Hallo ich kann deutsch aber ich werde das auf Englisch schreiben.

    I used with GTA IV a car pack from was called GTA IV - Real Car Mod Pack V1.1c and I really liked the cars...also the interiors were very nice. Now I downgraded my steam version to to use all the graphic features of iCEnhancer...the problem is that the link of the same car pack, for version, doesn't work. The link is working, but the website hosting the .exe file says 'page not found'. Please check it, and let me know if you can make the car pack for again I can use my old car pack also with this version. Yes, I am now trying the 'NY real cars'.....but the other pack is nicer and has better interiors :) thanks see you

  2. Hier ist der Link:

  3. super :) do you know if I can install it OVER the one I have now? At the moment I have the NY real car pack on I use a clean install or will it overwrite the same files without problems?